As an executive, your impact is not determined by your strategic skills, visionary insight, and decision-making powers alone. Rather, it is fundamentally influenced by your ability to win over people in your field of responsibility, convincing them of the value of your aims and objectives. For this reason Leadership Excellence with Measurable Results (LMR) takes the personal work set up into account and turns leadership success into a measurable quantity owing to regular feedback from this environment.

What is LMR?

Leadership Excellence with Measurable Results (LMR) is a structured process for leading executives that provides the support necessary to help you realise your full potential. Since LMR is not an isolated process, but is conducted instead over the course of several months on the basis of regular feedback from your work environment, it not only results in increased perception and understanding, but also produces measurable and sustainable positive changes in behaviour.

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How does LMR work?

LMR is a process in 5 stages that is accompanied by regular feedback from important contacts within the company. During the implementation of this process, following the initial analysis, you will receive a monthly comprehensive feedback, which is substantiated by an anonymous inquiry process on the part of the Advisor. A measurable performance assessment by all involved completes the joint process.

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What are the benefits of LMR?

Leadership Excellence with Measurable Results guarantees the transformation of insight into action; it produces tangible measures of achievement, demonstrating how progress functions with the help of feedback. Improved behaviour modes adopted on the basis of continual feedback are internalized in a way that leads to the creation of new and positive routines.

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„When you were made a leader, you weren’t given a crown, you were given the responsibility to bring out the best in others.“

Jack Welch

Welcome to Shape Leadership

Welcome! I’m Pia Mischung and I appreciate your interest in our services. More than 20 years experience in management and 10 years as a Leadership Advisor have shown me that even excellent methods can be improved upon when they actively engage the executive’s work environment in the process of improvement. Indeed the success of a company and its executives is not conceivable without including the people with whom they are working.
For this reason I founded Shape Leadership as a consortium of internationally recognized Leadership Advisors, who all share this vision. Here at Shape Leadership we make Leadership Excellence real. We are so convinced of this concept that we have made proven results part of our fee structure. If you want to find out more, we would be delighted to hear from you .

What our customers say

A Shape Leadership process alters your point of view and opens up new perspectives.
This is also how the people we help see it.

„Leadership Excellence with Measurable Results LMR is a hugely effective process which led to visible results right from the start. The detailed feedback I received through the stakeholder interviews was eye opening and so much more than a typical 360 report. It inspired me to act on the feedback in order to demonstrate to myself and others that I was able to change hindering behaviors – and I was! Involving the environment through LMR is a powerful experience and a natural driver for ongoing development. The challenge about modifying certain behaviors is less in knowing what to change; it’s in the implementation of clear actions for sustainable improvement. And that’s where this process made all the difference for me. I am really happy I did it – it additionally brought me to the next career level.“

VP Global Medical Affairs

Intern. pharmaceutical industry

„To be coached by Pia was a great and extremely useful experience for me. Pia helped me to significantly strengthen my leadership skills. Her inspiring, challenging and highly professional style catalyzes self-reflection, sharpens to read between the lines and enforces to lead by example. Pia’s gentle but effective and focused way of treating complex situations automatically brings you to the core of an issue while at the same time working on the solution. It was my first coaching exercise.“


Aviation Industry

Pia Mischung


„Kerstin is insightful, curious and thoughtful, with a non intrusive manner – combine to make a difference.“


Banking Industry



„Brian is a rare guide and wise co-explorer.“

Executive Dean

Top 10 ranking UK Business School

Brian Guest


„I would like to especially emphasis Andrea’s openess, her appreciative attitude and her ability to steer the coaching process in a remarkable result oriented way.“

Vice President Project Implementation

Engineering Industry

Andrea Schäfer


„Gerard was able to create different views on the challenges the organization were facing and to improve the communication in a very positive way.“


 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Gerard Coops

„Vivianne also knew when to inject energy and enthusiasm and make me believe ‘I can do it’. She got to the core of my issues and challenged me to be more courageous.“

Board member

Global manufacturing company

Vivianne Naslund